An ignition key is a small but important part of a car that helps start the engine. Have you ever wondered how an ignition key works? Locksmith Olympia WA is very competent and knowledgeable about to work with car key Ignition.

The Ignition System:

Inside your car’s engine, there is a special system called the ignition system. This system helps create a spark that ignites the fuel in the engine and makes it start running.

The Parts of an Ignition System:

The ignition system consists of three main parts: the battery, the ignition coil, and the spark plug.


The battery in a car provides the electricity needed to power the ignition system. It sends a flow of electricity to the other parts of the system.

Ignition Coil:

The ignition coil is like a small transformer. It takes the electricity from the battery and increases its power. This powerful electricity is then sent to the spark plug.

Spark Plug:

The spark plug is a small device that creates a spark. When the powerful electricity from the ignition coil reaches the spark plug, it causes a spark to jump across a tiny gap at the end of the plug.

How Ignition Works:

Now, let’s see how the ignition key and the ignition system work together to start the car’s engine.

Inserting the Key:

When you put the ignition key into the ignition switch, it fits perfectly and allows you to turn it.

Turning the Key:

When you turn the ignition key, it sends a signal to the ignition system. This signal tells the system to start working.

Powering the System:

The battery provides electricity to the ignition system. It powers the ignition coil, which increases the power of the electricity.

Spark Creation:

The powerful electricity from the ignition coil then flows to the spark plug. When it reaches the spark plug, a spark is created.

Igniting the Fuel:

The spark from the spark plug jumps across the gap and ignites the fuel in the engine. This creates a small explosion, which makes the engine start running.

So, that’s how an ignition key and the ignition system work together to start a car’s engine. The ignition key sends a signal to the ignition system, which creates a spark to ignite the fuel. Now you know the basics of how an ignition key works!