Earlier age most of the locksmith start using this practice of key copying and key duplication. There is no such thing as advanced digital-based key copying and duplication machine, that are used now but still in the past, they do it manually. Yes, it is the most time-consuming process full of effort. This work requires special skill and a full-time focus. In their technique, they used clay dough as a source in which the original key is hardly pressed leaving behind the traced data which define the configuration of the blanks used for manufacturing the key. After analyzing all this locksmith prepare identical keys from it.

This technique is still used now. Along with that most professional locksmith rockville md upgrade themselves with the use of highly advanced automatic key duplication machines. This machine automatically scans your original key and with a short time, many identical keys are produced. The only thing you have to do is just give a command to the machine and the rest of the work is performed by that machine.