If you are wondering what a bump key is and what it is used for then let me explain in detail so that you will have a better understanding of bump keys. These specially devised keys are known as blank keys that can be used to open any locks that it will fit into. They are particular popular among criminals as they use them to quickly open key based locks that are either a tumbler or cylinder design. These keys do not cause any damage or leave any telltale signs that the locks have been tampered with.

Most home owners until recently have not been aware of such activities, although their homes have been broken into without ant telltale signs of entry. Criminals have been using these keys for decades unbeknownst to most people. Making use of a bump key is simple although there are certain things that need to be done before using them.

The key is inserted into a lock, and then the key is pulled back one click, then you slightly turn the key applying some pressure, and once the tumblers are aligned they will not go back to their original position. By keeping pressure on the key you need to strike the key with a small hammer and if the key is authentic the lock will open quickly without any damage.

If you struggle to open a lock with a bump key, you are either doing it wrong or the key has not been properly cut. However, locks have not been specifically designed to use these types of keys and these keys should only be used by locksmith near me as well as any other emergency services such as police, firemen and other authorized personal. They have a slop one the front side which allows the key to be inserted into a lock properly. These keys were originally made by locksmiths in order to pick locks when people locked themselves out of their homes.

Depending in which geographical area you live in these keys may be illegal to have. If you are in possession of such keys, they should not be carried around on your person unless you intend using them. If you have these type of keys you can always test them on one of the inside doors to see if they are in working order. Should the key get stuck you can then take the lock apart and remove the key.