Most of the companies involved in the automotive sector other than the premium segment were not completely trust electronic systems for safety. Many locksmiths believe in installing a mechanical key-based lock along with a central locking system. In case of any electric failure, mechanical locks will be there for maintaining the security of the vehicle. After doing a lot of chat with the car locksmith near me the various things come to know as most of the people are not aware of. In case of losing your car key, locksmith applies various techniques for bringing you out from the worst situation. The various techniques known by them are lock picking or bumping, slim Jim technique, use of narrow long metal wire, use of open-air pump wedge system.

Slim Jim technique is the oldest and common technique used by most of the locksmith doesn’t matter if they are local or professional. A long narrow knife shape metal is passed through the window side to the unlocking site without disturbing moving lock cylinder.