Belonging to the same profession doesn’t mean a car locksmith can do the duties of a door locksmith or vice versa. Yes, both of them are into the lock and key making business, but with a specialization in particular areas. A door locksmith is familiar with the door locks and their repairing. You don’t like to hire him to fix your car lock, for which a car locksmith is ready with his tools. That’s why choosing the right serviceman meets your needs and keep inconveniences at the bay. Know here the major differences between them.

Who are Residential Locksmiths?

As the name says, residential locksmiths repair your home locks and make keys. You approach them when you accidently locked yourself out of your home and other emergencies like losing or misplacing the keys. Plus, they make your door locks and fix them. A good locksmith in Temecula always checks the compatibility of the locks and keeps your security concerns in the mind before installing the locks. For instance, many homes are installed with the regular locks setup near their window frame–a common burglary spot. In this case, a door locksmith deploys a double cylinder lock to be opened with the key from the inside. They make different locks for the gates, doors, cupboards and the other parts of the home. Apart from metal keys and locks, many of the locksmiths offer digital locking services (sounds interesting). Here’s a few of their services:

• Making Windows and Door Locks
• Keyless Entry Door Locks
• Making Digital Locks
• Sliding Glass Door Locks
• Copying and Providing Keys
• Emergency Lockout Service
• Repairing and Installing Locks
• Providing Master Keys (rekeying)
• High Security Locks

So, these are the door locksmith’s functions and see how they are different from their automobile counterpart.

Who is a Car Locksmith?

Like home, you can be locked out of your car or lose your car keys. Pretty similar situations! But that doesn’t mean you hire a door locksmith for your car. Seek the services of a car locksmith as he is skilled enough to fix the things without breaking or damaging your car’s parts. He is the person who specializes in making the locks and keys of your car, besides reprogramming the lock system. Here are the points explaining their services:

• Car Door Unlocking
• Key Duplication and Programming
• Car key replacement
• Designing Keys for Car
• Extracting Broken Keys from Ignition
• Providing Spare Keys
• Fixing Auto Lock
• Repairing auto lock

How to Choose the Right Locksmith?

Whether it’s a door locksmith or a car locksmith, finding the right one is extremely important for your car and home security. Here are the points you must consider while choosing the locksmith:

• Know your concerns—locked out or lose the keys
• Search online and choose the agency/service provider with the good ratings. Take reference from your near and dear
• Consider Your Budget