Losing the combination code to your safe can be immensely frustrating or even alarming, as it’s typically extremely difficult for the average person to guess or crack the code. Here’s a guide outlining the steps you should follow if you find yourself in the situation of misplacing your safe code.

Check if the Safe is Open

If your safe just happens to be open, you’re in luck! Simply contact a locksmith Toronto to help change the combination to dial safes, or to reset your electronic safe to factory defaults.

Find Out your Safe Model

If your safe is locked, move to identify what type of safe you have. You need to find out the brand, model, and serial number of the safe in order to assist a professional safe technician to research it. The brand is likely on the safe door, with the serial number on the door’s bottom corner. Sometimes model numbers are on the back of the safe – which can be hard to find if it’s bolted down. If you can’t find the model number, call the manufacturer of the safe who will give you the model number from its serial number.

Key Override Options

If your safe has a key override option, you’re also in luck. Usually, a trustworthy locksmith can pick the lock or create a key to use it. However, with high security safes, the key needs to be used alongside the combination. If there’s a number stamped by the key override keyhole, a locksmith should be able to quickly figure out what the combination is.

Hire a Professional Locksmith

Contact a licensed professional locksmith. They will attempt to retrieve a safe dial combination code through the manufacturer, or override an electronic combination for electronic safes. If these attempts do not work for any reason, you can choose to have the safe drilled open. This will allow you to retrieve the safe contents, but will render the safe unusable in the future, and force you to purchase a replacement safe.